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2017-17 Bangor Maine, Acadia National Park (PART 1)

Penobscot Bay area

Stonington Maine

Bangor Maine  PART 1
Penobscot Bay, Deer Isle

Campground: Shady Acres RV and campground. A PPA campground $21. Full hookups, 30 amp. Nice grassy pull-thru sites. Above ground pool, one washer/dryer, restrooms/bathhouse.

Shady Acres, large pull-thru sites

the tiny pond at the campground where I found the Lilly pads 

Distance traveled: 209 miles. 42 miles.

Paul Bunyan, Bangor Maine

Well goodness, I took the phrase wandering the back roads a bit too literally the other day on my journey into Maine. I headed over to I-95, yes that heavily trafficked interstate that goes from Florida to Maine and started my northerly route. Heading north wasn't bad but the traffic coming south was jam packed. I got off the interstate onto US-1 a route following a bit closer to the coast line, though no really great views of the coast at this point.

I can't fault my GPS for taking me on a rather rural route, as I had selected a portion of it myself as well as putting in the wrong address to the campground. Apparently there are numerous “Shady Acres” across country and I landed at one that was 40 miles from where I should have been. Back roads, through small burbs and crossroads, stopping at intersections pointing up-hill. Not an easy task pulling a camper. I finally made it to the proper Shady Acres. Must say, that's the first time that happened in 13 years of being on the road as a full-time Rv-er. As well as spending over 7 hours on the road. I was pooped.

Penobscot Bay, Deer Isle

it even has an elevator to the top viewing tower

great scenery around every corner

Lobster fishermen, going out to check on their catch

Stonington Maine

The good news of course is that I've made it to my furthest destination in the U.S. The State of Maine. A place I've visited briefly during my working years, but never with a camper. I even got a message from LA Holmes and Pete who live up here and we will be meeting up today.

LA Holmes and Pete, what great tour guides

Lois did the driving as we began to explore a lesser visited area that most tourists will bypass on there way to Acadia National Park. And that is the Penobscot Bay peninsula and islands. The first islands we drove onto were little Deer and Deer Isle. Stopping along the way to see the bays and inlets as small sailboats and lobster boats plied the water ways. The homes and small coastal towns are meticulously maintained and I had to search very hard to find worn and weather beaten barns and buildings which I always like to take pictures of.

walk, shop, talk 

this little charmer is for sale....

We stopped in Stonington for a bite to eat along the picturesque waterfront village. Even with it being a very overcast day and a bit on the chilly side, it was still worth the effort. Out next big stop was over to the town of Castine. This is where a number of training ships/sailboats etc provide expert training to students in the fine art of sailing and boat handling. We had missed a large armada of large sailing vessels that went out earlier in the day. The town was once the headquarters to a fort and it developed into a seaside town that now has quite a few large well kept homes and even an 18 hole golf course. I'm continually amazed at how well kept all the home and businesses are. Especially with their harsh winters and the effects of living so close to the ocean.

We even stopped at a beautiful little lighthouse which is privately owned. The owners permit visitors on the property, but request that you view it from one side only.... not everyone reads the instructions first and therefore end up pretty much tramping all over their stunning lighthouse site. We all thought they should charge admission to to up into the lighthouse. Lois having lived up here much of her life gave me some great tip for my visit to the Acadia national Park and Bar Harbor in a couple of days. It can be a very congested area but they have free buses at the visitor center which I'll take advantage of when I go there in a couple of days.

not easy to find weather worn old homes/barns
as they are all usually so well maintained 
Castine Maine

more photos:

Penobscot Bay islands  (lots more photos)

Part II will be on the Acadia National Park and Bar Harbor area.  
ps, the sky gets light by 4:30 in the morning.... time to get up

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