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Stephen Foster Museum, (back side)

White Springs, Florida
Vidalia Georgia

Camper Doug and his
Indian friend
Campground: Stephen Foster Cultural park, White Springs Florida. Senior Fl discount: $14 includes reservation fees and taxes. 30 amp electrical/water. Electric service a bit iffy. Nice Stephen Foster museum showcasing many of his truly Americana songs. “Old Folks at Home” is the officialFlorida State song since 1935, written by Stephen Foster in 1851. Good 4G Verizon signal, no over the air TV.

The Stephen Foster St pk also has one of the largest carillon towers in the country and normally plays many of Stephen Foster's music. Unfortunately they are having electrical trouble in the tower and it's been silent the entire time I've been staying here. Only hearing the sounds of birds throughout the park.

Today, on my way into Lake City, I stopped at a small radio station called Lake City's Greatest Hits, 106.5 WCJX. It sits along US 41 near the I-10 exit. The owner was kind enough to give me a mini tour the the operation. Telling me that is was a great temporary job while going to college before starting a real career. Many years later, he continues to operate the small station and owns it. So many of these smaller stations have been purchased by large media companies and then are set to play the top twenty hits in country, pop or rock and roll. I even got a T-shirt and bumper sticker. The owner said I was the first person he'd seen in about a week. Even though he is the announcer and talks between song and commercials, it appears it can be a lonely job at times.

from an unassuming building,
Lake City's Greatest Hits, 106.5 WCJX
I was able to see how a small radio station works

It's pretty much a one man operation

I sure do appreciate seeing the equipment and learning a bit about how it all works. Much of it now relies on access to the internet and computers.

The little town of White Springs is continuing on a downward slope. Only one restaurant is open in town called Fat Belly's, serving up some fine barbecue and burgers. The only grand hotel and restaurant remaining, closed about a year ago and the third restaurant had a kitchen fire and is currently closed. I was talking to a local and he told me that Columbia County is the poorest county in the state. I've seen a few others that could probably take that title as well, but definitely, this town is one of the poorer towns I've visited. Still, with the Stephen Foster park the town has a rural lay-back atmosphere that many enjoy, including me.

many of the town bldgs. are currently closed

old Florida Cracker style homes

there's probably potential inside this square bldg

really neat store, open Thur/Fri/Sat

church on main street

nice row of well maintained homes

love this view of the gingerbread house

talked to the owner, sitting on the porch
purchased 3 yrs ago and renovated...

last of the grand hotels, currently closed
inside still in fair condition.  anyone want to buy it?

last shot of the street with all the well maintained homes

And now for a few shots inside Adams Country Store.  What a great piece of history, glad it's back open, even if only for a few days each week.

inside the large old country store

a highway painting, from itinerant artists in Florida, back about
50 years ago.... this painting is in poor condition, asking $900 

an idea for you crafty people

an idea for you crafty people
maybe a piece of garden art?

what a fun store to browse around

RV tip: 

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Distance traveled: 151 miles

Vidalia Georgia, to be continued

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