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2013-7 Albuquerque New Mexico


Albuquerque New Mexico

Campground:  Kiva RV Park & Horse Motel, 21 Old Hwy 60 West, Bernardo NM, 87006.  Passport rate $14. Full hookups, all pull thrus.

Campground:  Hollywood Casino, San Filipe Pueblo.  $10 50amp elec.  Water and dump station available. Large easy pull-thrus. Free wi-fi, about 20 over the air TV stations.
Hollywood Casino

I’ve extended an extra day in the Alamogordo area for no other reason than I just didn’t feel like heading out today.  Alamogordo has a bypass around the town, but they don’t call it that.  It’s official title is: The Charlie Lee Memorial Relief Road.

All of the desert trees and shrubs like the mesquite, ocotillo , creosote bush and greasewood are all coming into bloom.  The green leaves, many very small and almost fern like have popped out just in the last couple of days.

Two very loud booms just occurred over the desert.  Sonic booms or a missile test.  Hard to tell.

Wind storm created a white sand storm

The winds have picked up over the white sands desert, creating a pure white swirling cloud out over the western horizon.  From the south, the sky is getting milky white as the white sands get blown up into the atmosphere.  Going into town I can feel the buffeting of the truck and had to close the fresh air intake in the cab of the truck as I could smell the sand in the air.

Ekk!  My Razor Cell phone just went into emergency phone call only mode.  Can’t get out of it for anything.  Note:  A few days later.  Come to find out, when I was trying to load an app that asked me for a password, I had actually locked my phone with a new password.  Well at least the Verizon guy didn’t look at me like I was a nut.  And now I have the phone password protected in case I ever loose it.

Distance traveled:  173 miles
Bernardo NM

Just an overnight stop

Distance traveled:  78 miles
San Filipe Pueblo, north of Albuquerque NM

I know, I could have made it all in one day, but just didn’t feel the need to be on the road all that long.  Besides the drive through Albuquerque, being a pretty good sized city can be a bit hairy.  Felt better driving with all my senses in good order the next morning.  Wow, that cloverleaf interchange in town was quite a site as I passed through town on one of those ribbons of concrete in the sky.

I’ve gone from using the a/c to having the fireplace on.  It was in the low 80’s in Alamogordo to the 50’s here in Albuquerque… at least for the next couple of days.  Should warm up after this unexpected chill.  The surrounding mountains got quite a dusting of snow on them as well.

I’m visiting with a former co-worker Lynn M this week as well and remembering sweet Heidi who passed away this past year here in Albuquerque.  So a bit of mixed emotions as I begin my stay here.  My friend Lynn and I went to the Balloon Museum today which follows the history of ballooning which of course started in Paris back in the 1783.  You know this city is noted for their huge balloon festival every fall.  Isn’t it interesting that my travels this season have all had something to do with space exploration in some way like Spaceport America.  And here I am exploring the first time man was able to leave terra firma and see the world from above, just like a bird.  It must have been very exciting and exhilarating back in 1783 Paris.

Here on the San Filipe Pueblo Reservation I noticed lots of building going on.  New homes are going up on the reservation and they have a beautiful school as well.  Meaning many tribe members will be able to get out of older mobile homes I'm sure.

On the northern end of Albuquerque are the towns of Rio Rancho and Bernalillo.  Both are growing by leaps and bounds.  Lots and lots of construction going on.  They say it’s one of the fastest growing areas in the country.

Campers tip:  

For all those folks who travel out west in particular, we have to deal a lot with dust and sand.  I’ve got some friends like Lavon who has been using a California Duster for years.  I bought one about a month ago and use it every couple of days to remove the dust buildup on the truck, saving the water that would be needed to wash the truck.  It’s surprising how well it works.  So the other day I was looking at the camper and wondering when I’d be in an area where they’d let me wash the RV.  Well I couldn’t reach all the way to the top of the camper, but using the California Duster I got most of the dust buildup off lickatee split.  Even did a great job on the windows as well.  So there’s your RV tip of the day. Note:  It works best when the vehicle is dry, so don’t use it with dew on the vehicle early morning.

two high school students demonstrating Native Indian Dances 

In between windy days I also had a chance to tour Old Town and the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center.  Nice way to enjoy the city on a more human scale.  Learning more about the Navajo culture and dances and even watched a film on the traditional way of making black pottery.

Next stop:  Santa Fe

more photos on PICASA

one of my favorite shots this week. (click to enlarge)

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