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2013-3 Leaving Tucson Arizona


Exiting Arizona
New Mexico Here I Come

Barn Owl

Weeks before heading on out, the full timer begins to secure things down that have been taken out during the long winter months stay.  For me that involves repacking all the glassware and ceramic dishes.  Putting cozies that my sister Ann has made for me  to wrap all the stemware and bottles so they don’t break as I head on down the road.  Locating the bungee cords used to strap down the bedroom tv to the wall and securing all the overhead cabinet doors throughout the camper.  Finally organizing the outside storage bins and making room for all the patio chairs in storage bays and adding air to all the tires if needed.

Sneaking in a trip to Tubac AZ with Tom and Christine, where I found a great SW ring I'd been wanting

the owner of the shop that I bought my SW ring from

this old truck is still being used to haul all that Mexican pottery

Tom and Christine 
with my facial hair before I shave it off for the summer

the latest Mexican folk art, large metal flowers

The fun part begins when I start planning the first couple legs of my summer journey.  I had a couple different paths I could take this year.  One leading back through Arizona and then east to Albuquerque or taking a more southerly route through New Mexico before heading north to Alb and Santa Fe.  I’ll be taking the latter, even though I’ll miss visiting some friends in Arizona along the way.

I use my Microsoft Streets and Trips software on my computer to map the route and determine where I’ll stop each night.  It’s the best way to determine mileage.  Then I go to my blog and use a couple of the web links like Passport America, Rv Reviews, and All-Stays to find some good campgrounds along the way.  This year I plan on staying at many of New Mexico’s many State Parks along the way.  They have very reasonable camping rates and I’ll purchase their yearly out of stater pass for $225.  Which will let me into the state parks and camping for that one price plus an additional $4 per night if I get a site with electric.

Final parties to say goodbye

My last week at Desert Trails RV Park has been hectic.  Final goodbyes with the Writers Club and Travel Club.  Teaching a one day course in Creating a Blog.  Which was not an easy task as it can be a bit complicated going through all of the initial setup steps in creating ones Blog layout and design.  It ended up being a three hour session.  A few parties to attend as we all gather around to say sad goodbyes and wish each other well on our travels and journeys back home.  The Photography Club had it’s end of year Photo Art Show which turned out great and was very well attended.  A few of us had matted and framed photo’s for sale and I was honored to have a few of mine sell during the show. Including two new ones that I’d just recently had matted and framed.  Finally I had to run around doing errands like getting oil changes for the truck, picking up prescriptions and even got my 5 year pneumonia shot.  Since I don’t have a spleen, I need to get the shot every couple of years.

Six boards like this one were one display

about 150 people came to our photo show

display with some of my framed and matted photos for sale

Then it’s time to complete the last of the packing.  Loading up the patio chairs, storing the outdoor carpets, taking down the patio lights, closing up the camper, hitching up and finally the day comes to move on out.  I’m back on the road and the next report will be from the open road.

The next adventure has started and I’m glad your once again on the journey with me.

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Hello there. We were out at Desert Trails visiting our friends, Hughes and Judy, and Hughes said I ought to take a look at your blog. Good to meet you!

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