Friday, November 9, 2012

2012-39 Lake Havasu Arizona


Lake Havasu AZ

Campground:  Campbell Cove RV Resort, 1523 Industrial Blvd. Lake Havasu City AZ, 86403
Local: (928) 854-7200.  PA rate: $21.00, Normal Price: $42.00.  Nice park.  Back to back sites (site are close together), but you can pull thru if no one is in the other site.  Some pull thrus for very large rigs.  2 miles from center of town.  Spotty Verizon service as this is a roaming area for Verizon.

Campground:  Shady Lane Rv Park.  $17 full hookup.  Pull-thru sites.  gravel.  185 N hwy 95 Quartzsite AZ.  Last stop before reaching winter destination. Monthly rate:  $200 + electric.

Distance traveled:  55 miles

Somehow I thought the distance would be a bit further, so when I got to Lake Havasu after only about an hour I was really surprised.  The temperatures in the 90 degree range on this fall day and I’m having trouble relating to those up north who are already experiencing freezing weather.  The sun is so bright out here I’m having to wear sunglasses all the time.  My sister Dorothy sent me some wonderful pictures of all the fall color in her town of Whitehall Mich. and it got me in the mood to have some fall color in the camper.  So off to the Dollar store to buy some fall leaves (silk of course).  Made up a couple nice arrangements to remind me it really is fall.

London Bridge, the #2 attraction in Arizona

I was saved from having another time change as Arizonans don’t change their clock for the daylight saving change.

The local news has a big article about a flood control project our here.  The first phase has cost 4 million dollars to stop flooding along one of the many washes that run through this area.  Three big earthen reservoirs have been constructed.  The next phase will cost 6 million dollars to build concrete channels in the Horizon Six subdivision.  Imagine, they built a subdivision in a flood zone.  Then Dah, they realized that it would flood during any heavy rain.  Now did the subdivision or the developer have to pay for the ten million dollar diversion of water?  I think you know the answer.

numerous washes throughout the Lake Havasu City

It is a little hard to realize in this extremely dry desert area that one would have to worry about flooding.  But as I drive around the Lake Havasu area, I do notice very large and deep washes that indicate that when it does rain, the water runs right through this whole.  Those washes are like large dry river beds with deep gouges and walls of loose gravel and sand winding their way through this arid land.  The campground I’m in is actually a high peninsula with those washes defining each side, creating an island effect overlooking Lake Havasu.

I’m enjoying just living in this area for the week, without much touring.  The London Bridge and Lake Havasu being the major attractions in the area.  Doing my little chores like washing the truck, which was covered with bug doo doo splattered on the front grill, vacuuming and other household chores.  I’ve been working on a “water fountain” but so far I’ve come up with a couple snags.  The flower pot I planned to use leaks like a sieve and the pump doesn’t shoot up much water, so this is one project that needs a lot more work.

looking across Lake Havasu into California

It’s super windy out today and I’ll head out for my last leg of my journey south towards Tucson AZ, my winter destination.  This Blog will be fairly quiet for the next couple of months as I take the winter off and play in the desert.  It sure has been fun having everyone along on my journey for the past 8 months.  Wishing everyone a super great time as you explore your part of the world.

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Michelle said...

I love the photo of the sun filtering through the clouds on this post page. As you state, we can revisit even just digitally the trips of the past. I like seeing the places I have been to through other peoples eyes. Thank you. I have only visited your country once and would love to come back for more, but am busy travelling my own vast country at the present.