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2012-38 Bullhead City Arizona


Bullhead City Arizona
Bullhead City Arizona
Oatman Arizona

Campground:  Silver View RV Resort, 1501 Goldrush Rd, Bullhead City AZ, 86442. Local: (928) 763-5500 PA rate: $14.95 - $17.45, Normal Price: $29.90 - $34.90  Spectacular views of Laughlin and Bullhead City. Nice large and wide sites and pull-thrus.  Back-ins overlooking the river, high on the bluff are also prone to heavy winds. Full hookups, 50amp, cable tv.

Campground:  Snowbird Rv Park.  1600 Joy Lane,  Bullhead City AZ, 86426, Local: (928) 768-7141 PA rate: $15.00 + $2 cable tv, Normal $30.00 Sites are close together.  Older park.  Concrete patio, full hookup w/cable tv.

Distance traveled:  153 miles

The Colorado River and Laughlin NV
Heading south from Las Vegas on  hwy 95, I’m impressed by the scrub covering the dry desert valley.  It has rained in this area recently and the valley looks quite green.  I’ve even seen water standing on the flat desert sand as underneath is a hard packed ground that does not absorb any water.

Then heading east along hwy 163 the sharp craggy mountains have a quality unlike any I’ve seen elsewhere.  I really don’t know what it is.  The casual observer would probably think they all look pretty much the same.  But to me, there is something that attracts me to them.  The sharp edged mountain ridges, the sandy earthen color of the sloping sides dotted with desert ironwood and a few yucca’s and Joshua trees.  Views of canyons as the hwy descends over 2,000 feet down to Laughlin and  Bullhead City.  The Colorado River sparkling blue against the desert scenery.

Opps.  I went to set up at the Silver View Rv park today and after disconnecting the truck and camper, I couldn’t get the tail gate to go down.  Locked in place.  No way to remove the campers hitch over the top of the tailgate, so I reconnected everything and drove it all into the Chevy dealer.  One of the tailgate latches broke loose.  The only thing connecting it is a tiny piece of plastic which broke apart.  Imagine, a plastic piece that probably cost two cents to manufacture.  The service guy came out to the truck, assessed the problem, brought me into the parts department where we purchased the $9 part.  He then showed me how to install it, saving me a $100+ repair bill.  Nice guys.  Thanks Findlay Auto Center.

Went out for breakfast today.  I’ve been going to Subway’s as they make a breakfast sandwich out of egg whites.  I have them add ham, green peppers and onion and cheese making it basically a Western sandwich.  Really good and their Seattle’s Best coffee is great.  I asked the guy making my breakfast what his favorite sandwich was.  He said he rarely eats there, as he’s been working for them for 6 years and after making all those subs, doesn’t have an appetite for any of them.  Did you know they have a veggie patty that’s supposed to be pretty good as well.  I do try to eat healthy when I can.

Haven’t gone into the casino’s on the other side of the river in Laughlin.  Guess I’m burned out on seeing them all over Nevada in the past month.  I’m sure I’ll make it into one of them in the next couple of days.

Distance Traveled:  10 miles

Well that was a short trip.  The previous Passport America site would only let me stay 3 days, even though they had lots of space available.  So I moved down the road to an older park I’ve stayed in before, the Snowbird Rv park.  After setting up I went back to K-mart and spent my $5 gift card for signing up for their rewards card.  Got a 75 oz bottle of Xtra laundry detergent for $1.99 and a bag of Halloween candy discounted the day after Halloween.   Both for under $5.00.   Two great bargains and both free.  You know that’s my favorite price.

Being on the south end of Bullhead City, I’m very close to Oatman.  An old mining town that is on the original path of the famous Route 66.  Oatman is a great place for all you budding photographers and folks who enjoy seeing wild burros and a bit of the old west.  The tourist shops cater to the biker clubs and t-shirt lovers.  Later, after taking a bunch of photos and talking to the locals, none over enthusiastic by the way, I headed back into town and across the Colorado River to the Avi Casino for lunch.  The Restaurante Aviano
Is right next to the buffet which is not open for lunch.  Which worked to my advantage, as I probably wouldn’t have tried the Aviano as it looks and feels very upscale.  What I found is a great place for lunch with prices in the $6.95 range.  Wonderful breadsticks, pizza made to order, make your own sandwiches with very fresh ingredients and good service and salad bar.  So good I’m going back and trying one of their pasta dishes.  I don’t usually talk about restaurants all that much since I often eat at the most average of places.  This one was top notch and if you're in the Laughlin area, go a little further and eat at the Avi Casino.

Oatman AZ

I’ll head to Lake Havasu next then on into Tucson.  My final winter destination.

A final shout out to my sister Ann, wishing her many happy years in her new senior apartment.  Knowing she’s in a safe comfortable place at senior prices and surrounded by friends, starting a new chapter in her life brings a big smile to my face.  Nice to know we can all continue to change and enjoy life no matter what age.  PS, I’m two years younger than she is.

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