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2011-37 Wintering In Florida

2011-37  Winter Campsite

Inverness Florida

campsite on the pond

Campground:  1,000 Palms Rv Resort.  A mix of full hookups and water/electric sites.  Half in shade trees, half in sunny locations.  I’m on the pond…. Water/electric $384 monthly.  5 over the air HD-TV stations. Free wi-fi. (Passport America park, 7 night max)

On my way here from St Augustine, I stopped at the Rv dealer in Ocala and had them install the new faucet in the shower area.  The work done was the last under my one year warranty as the camper will be one year old as of today.  It was done in speedy order and I headed on down the road to my winter campsite.

last repair under warranty

I’ve completed my travels for the year and have landed at my snowbird winter site here at 1,000 Palms Rv Resort.  It’s about 10 miles from Inverness Florida.  I’ve reported on this area in the past as this is one of my favorite areas in Florida.  Surrounded by Lakes, rivers, ranches and small towns with that old Florida feeling.  It’s far enough away from the beaches, resorts and Disney Worlds which Florida is noted for and the crowds that they attract.

The campground I’m at is much smaller that Desert Trails where I’ve wintered for the past couple of years in Arizona.  1,000 Palms has 95 Rv sites along with about a dozen park models.  A heated swimming pool (80 degrees), Laundromat, clubhouse, shuffleboard court and group campfire.

Enjoyed a “two day” Thanksgiving feast.  There were so many leftovers, that we all got together for dinner the following night.  What a great deal.  One gal had made over 20 pies for the feast.  Of course I met a number of the winter residences during the dinners.  The park is a bit over half full as many of the snowbirds arrive on December 1st.


Because a few of my Desert Trails friends want to know what the campground is like, here in Florida, I’ve taken a few pictures of the campground to share with you’all.  Now that I’m back in the south I have to get my southern-eze back on.  I can do a fairly good southern accent without too much of the sugar….

I’ve learned that there are a few locations to enjoy some good country/folk music throughout the week.  One is at  Catfish Johnny’s, where about 20 musicians get together to jam.  Our park will also have a jam session every other week starting in January.

Talking with a few folks up at the swimming pool with their granddaughter in the pool (water temp. 78), the granddaughter asked me why I was taking so many pictures.  I told her about my Blog and she wanted to know if I’d take a picture of her for the Blog.  So of course I did and here it is.

Now I should mention something about the camper.  As you know, I had my last appt. (under warranty) to have the faucet fixed in the shower this past week.  Well, after setting up at 1,000 Palms and checking through the camper, wouldn’t you know it, I discovered a mess.  I tugged and pulled on the large pull out drawer under the sofa which is great for storing all the extra stuff one collects.  After finally opening the drawer I discovered that a casserole dish and three pottery bowls were broken into a million pieces.  Along with some damage to the drawer.   Needless to say, I cleaned up the mess, reinforced the drawer and had to purchase a new slider for one side of the drawer.  Repairs are on me from here on out.

That must have been one huge bump I went over to cause all that damage.  Guess I need to use more packing material between breakables before heading out next spring.

my winter campsite

Anyone from the Orlando area who would like to come visit for the day, I'd love to see you‘all, I’m only a little over an hours drive up the Florida Turnpike.  And I’m sure I’ll be in Orlando for a visit myself one of these days as well.

club house

laundry room

group campfire

and more photos on Picasa.

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