Monday, March 15, 2010

2010-05 Moss Park, Visiting Family and Friends

Moss Park.
Visiting Friends and Family.

I’ve settled into one of my favorite parks.  The serenity of the park is overwhelming and I hate to leave it even for a short while.  But errands have to be done and I was gone for most of the day.

My friends who know my “one project a day” philosophy will howl when they find out that I did a huge load of laundry, went to the library for a couple hours and did my taxes (accomplished, thank you very much), framed a couple pictures for gifts, had a Dr’s appt.  and visited with a friend before enjoying a dinner/Birthday party for my friend Patrick.  Whew, what a full day.  All accomplished in a continual all day rain.

The dermatologist told me about a fibrous fatty tumor on my back, which he doesn’t want to remove.  Yuck.  I may end up looking like the hunch back of Notre Dame.  As the song goes, “ but will you love me when I’m 64?”….  Also having a few sun damaged spots frozen next week.  Why he couldn’t do it this week is beyond me.  It’s a simple procedure, but, yada yada, what can I do.  Also will get results on a spot that has been particularly troublesome on my face.

At least I’m having it all done before heading down into the keys next week.

Patrick’s B-day party was at a swank Winter Park restaurant called Brio.  Gorgeous 20 ft high curtains, pillars, gorgeous woods, modern lighting, swags of white linen fabrics across the ceiling.  Just a darn classy place.  Expensive was the word for it.  My portion of the bill alone was over $70 with tip.  Outdoors on all the large trees on the boulevard were these most unique lights that appeared to drip light.  A stunning effect to say the least.

I’ve gone out to lunch and dinner with fellow workers and visited with my Nieces Kim and Kelly and their families.  What I found interesting was that over time, I no longer relate to many of my former co-workers.  The various lunches and dinners could not have been more opposite ends of the spectrum unless someone had planned it.  At one, the co-workers were almost too quiet.  Everyone waiting for their lunch and (eager) to get back to work. Yet at another dinner with fellow workers, we discussed everything from the new fuel cell by Bloom Energy, travel, future plans, the economy and so much more.

Visiting with my nieces and their families was such a joy.  Seeing them interact with their kids and each other in such fun and loving ways was most heart warming.  And they get so much packed into one day, whew, I’m exhausted just watching them.

More photo's on my Picasa web site as usual.  Have a super great day. 

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