Thursday, January 21, 2010

2010-01 Tucson Arizona: Snowbird

Tucson Winter.

I’m wintering one more time in Tucson at Desert Trails Rv park.  The town is spread out over the valley and is surrounded by stark bare rock mountain ranges.  Mount Lemon being the highest and occasionally having snow on it’s higher elevations which leads to massive jams on the road leading to the summit.  Eager snow boarders and skiers in the lead followed by families wanting to see snow for the first time.

I’m camping on the west side of the valley about a dozen miles out side of the city limits.  The park backs up to the Sonoran desert.  Unlike so many other places I’ve wintered, this park is filled with activities.  Writers club, photography club, computers and Rv maintenance classes as well as all the evening activities. Usually entertainment twice weekly along with bingo, karaoke and weekend dances.

A couple new stores have opened up in the new shopping center on our side of town which includes a Target, Home Depot, Pennies, Kirklands, Ross, and Red Lobster and Olive Garden.

My stay is going to be a short one this year, as I have plans to travel back to Florida and get into the Keys by early March.  I’ll then travel back through the state visiting friends and relatives.

Our big event is coming up in a couple of days.  We’re traveling to the Ghost town of Ruby Az.  It’s south of Tucson and is only 4 miles from the Mexican boarder.  We’ll be checked by boarder patrols on our way to the ghost town since it is so close to the boarder.  You can find out more about Ruby by checking out it’s web site.

Also I’ve posted a couple albums from my stay here in Tucson at my Picasa site, so please check those out as well.

What a joy to meet up with fellow campers again.  Being a full time Rv’er gives me the opportunity to meet with so many new folks along the way.  Much different than living in one location where you may know a couple of your neighbors and people from work and that’s about it.  And I learn so much from meeting all these fellow campers.

But my time is running short and within a months time I’ll be back on the road again, traveling east.  Till then I’ve been working on small projects to keep the camper in good working order for the next leg of my Roving Reports.

Till then, I’ll see you down the road….


gumo said...

I certainly enjoy your blog and look forward to your future travels. Thanks for keeping us followers in mind!

Roving Reporter - Doug P said...

thanks, we'll see what adventures I can come up with this year... :)