Friday, August 8, 2008

20-08 Pagosa County Fair: Colorado

20-08 Pagosa, Archuleta County Fair

Truck, Engine light came on

With not much going on this week, I decided to check out the Archuleta County Fair over the weekend. After paying the $2 entry fee, I headed straight for the big tent. Well actually there were 4 big tents, but the red and white striped one had the action going on. Young Ranchers were showing off their animals.
Sheep, cows, hogs, you get the idea. I came in at the end of the display and judging. The judge, speaking to each candidate in the center of the arena. No microphone, so we hadn’t a clew what was going on. After going through all the contestants, the judge finally got a mike and we heard who was the 1st place winner. No names were given as she described each contestants weaknesses and strengths, so I couldn’t tell you who the winner was. Shall we say it was a very amateurish presentation. And no second place winner. What’s up with that.

Walking around the almost vacant grounds, past the 4-5 small children’s rides each costing $4 to $7, way overpriced, I decided to check out the crafts displays in the main building. Lots of displays, everything from grasses (not that kind of grass….), baked goods under plastic wrap, some good and not so good photography, flower arrangements on the wilted side and a couple really nice quilts.

Well, that’s about that. The rest of the tents were pretty empty and I left, via a bumpy trolley ride over a very rocky parking lot back to my truck. Thank you very much.

Now, my 2007 Chevy Truck’s engine light just came on recently. At first I thought, Oh God, did I accidentally put the wrong diesel fuel in it? I hadn’t, thank goodness. After bringing the truck in, they discovered there was a new program for the EGR valve. After loading the new software and cleaning the EGR valve, it was fixed. Yah, right. The next day the light came back on, so off to the dealers again for a bit more work. Warranty work so if won’t cost me anything.

Next week: I’m going on the Durango/Silverton railroad! Yippee!

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