Tuesday, February 28, 2006

06-06 South Georgia to NE Florida

(6) On The Road Again
South Georgia, North East Florida

RV Tip. Hi, I thought I’d start off this report with an RV tip. I’ve been using Easy-Off BAM for cleaning the lime and crud from my “porcelain toilet” and just discovered a new use for this great product.

The two windows on the back end of my camper are mirrored/tinted. And they get all the rain and roof water pouring across them, even with gutter extensions. I’m sure it’s a conspiracy. I’ve tried just about everything to clean them. Needless to say, the windows have become almost a milky white and nothing worked to remove the streaks and milky film.

Until I used Easy-Off BAM! When it says that it removes grime, lime and soap scum, they are not kidding. My windows are now sparkly clean! It appears to be safe on the gel coat finish of the side walls as well, but please test it on a small area before you use it.

Hope this tip helps you keep those windows sparkling clean. Mine are!

Mothers Day. It’s been fun meeting and getting to know the campers up here in Georgia. Tim and Dennis do all the cooking at the campground on weekends and what a treat. One hardly needs to buy any food for their camper with all the meals prepared for us on the weekends. I’ve re-met Tray and Jerry. A couple guys that live in Davenport Fl. We’ve been playing Mexican Train and Chicken over a couple of nights. They’re domino games. I’ve been in last place for each game… ahhhhk. But what fun. And the stories that get told over such games.

Found out the name of the pink puff and fern type tree. It’s a mimosa tree. Very pretty. And, it’s good I’m back on the road. Some birds tried making a nest on my back ladder! They we’re very good at it. Probably newly weds.

Oh, and did I mention that I’m finished creating my outdoor entertainment center? Great speakers for my music and an LCD TV. I’m livin the life…

Just landed in St Augustine for a couple of days, what a great city. The oldest (1565) in the U.S. I’m at Anastasia State Park, and have been offered a camp host position, any time I’d like it. Will probably take them up on it in the fall or next spring for about a month. Can you imagine, living at the beach for a month or two? And for free, except for a couple hours of volunteer work. The possibilities are endless.

I was on the beach today, the sand is flat and hard, great for jogging or walking or bike riding. The sand is every shade of sandpaper. You know, the ruddy red, to all shades of heavy duty sandpaper tan, from the muddy tan to the lightest fine sandpaper tan that looks bleached out by the sun. Sand dunes run the entire length of the beach.

St Augustine has so many great places to visit and tons of good restaurants, like Molly’s Diner and Osteen’s. My friend Ruthie brought us to Osteen’s years ago when we used to summer at Crescent Beach. What a great local seafood place. Almost always a wait to get in, but good seafood at great prices. Try their crab cakes, best on the east coast. It’s not all about food though, you’ve got to check out all the historical places to visit.

Ps, got stuck in the soft sand at the campsite. Some of the campsites are really bad and I just happened to get one of the worst. Hopefully I’ll not have too much trouble getting out on Sunday. I’ll let you know in the next installment.

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