Tuesday, February 28, 2006

06-04 Bobcats, South Georgia

(4) On The Road Again
South Georgia

April 2006. A slower pace when you get to a campground that’s like a park setting and has a very small but friendly community. Big expanses of grassy lawns, a field ready to be planted and a trail that leads down to a water lily covered, marshy lake.

I watch the wildlife along the two ponds that my camper backs up to. The starlings that come and sit on my ladder next to my big picture window. The hawks that dive for fish late in the afternoon. And the four small gators (about 4 feet long) that are getting ready for the mating season. The great blue heron that stands frozen, waiting for dinner to swim by.

Kenny Visits. Surprise! Kenny and “Bo”, his dog, came up from Florida with his mini-van camper and are staying over the weekend. We of course went into the big town of Valdosta and had lunch and went on a shopping spree. Found a wi-fi site at the local visitor and convention center, so we both caught up on our e-mails and on-line finances. On his last day, we “collected” specimens for his garden and pond.

Speaking of finances, my Gov. buddies should have much of their TSP savings in the I fund, International funds. That’s where I currently have all my funds and in my Fidelity funds, I’m invested in the Contra Fund (FCNTX), A Canadian mutual fund (FICDX), and one other overseas fund (FOSFX). All are doing well during these uncertain times. I’m still watching my funds very closely, but why not make a few $$’s while you still can. I’m sure mainly because many of these funds are invested in the large oil companies and other commodities that are rising in price. Let’s put it this way, I’ve made over half of the funds back, that I spent on upgrading to my new RV this past fall.

Back at the campground, Kenny whipped up a great dinner for us, all from his van-camper. Complete with fine china and stemware.

Valdosta is growing by leaps and bounds. Lots of new stores, Target, Best Buy, etc. There are some southern mansions in the area that I’m hoping to go visit. But mostly rural farms with huge pecan trees and fields of corn, tobacco and tomato’s. Oh, Ted Turners girlfriend lives on the other side of the vast shallow lake, covered in reeds and water Lily’s.

Rain has moved in today and is a welcome site, as the area has been in a bit of a drought the past couple of months.

Kenny and I went on a road trip to Madison Fl, just over the boarder from Georgia. We were looking for a castle being running as a bed and breakfast. It’s right behind the State Patrol office. Hmmmm. The exterior is cool, but the interior is a bit shabby. And not in a shabby sheik way either. The owners have a menagerie of animals from lama’s, a buffalo, a small horse and lots and lots of birds. Some quite exotic including a black swan and peacocks.

Well enough ramblings, it’s back to normal living. Laundry day. And maybe a trip into the grocery store.

Have fun and keep me posted on your adventures.

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