Monday, March 28, 2005

05-24 Lake Louisa State Park Florida, Work Camping

Lake Louisa St Park, Fl
Work camping

Week 24-25 of 52
Sept 11-18, 19-25

Camp Host Ok, I couldn’t leave you hanging and not tell you about a new adventure for me. Being a Camp host at a state park. I just kind of fell into it, as I hadn’t really thought about trying a camp host job for at least another year. But as things quite often happen, opportunities come along when your ready.

After getting the new awnings put on and looking at a new camper, I headed for Lake Louisa State Park. I’d never been to this fairly new Florida park and was looking forward to seeing it. When I arrived and they told me the cost was going to be $23 a night full hookup, I told them that I’d better only stay two nights, as I try to keep my camping costs down around the $15 a night mark. Then I added, do you ever have a need for a camp host? And the answer was an instant yes.

It didn’t take long to settle in and begin my cleaning duties. Bathrooms of course and checking the campsites and making sure they are neat and clean. I work about 4 hours a day for 5 days and then have two days off.

I had a tour of the park which is over 4,000 acres and has 7 lakes and a river connecting a number of the lakes. It’s on the edge of the “green swamp”. Horse riding trails, dirt bike and hiking trails through a diverse prairie type rolling hills, with lakes surrounded by cypress trees and low land wooded areas where many of the trails are. A special flower that I’ve seen is the pine lily. A striking flower I’ll have to try and get a picture of. We also found a rare small woodland orchid.

On Friday I pick up my new camper! I’ve purchased another Titanium 5th wheel camper. It’s model number is 26E31DS and it comes with just about ever upgrade possible. From 5 speaker surround sound, brushed nickel faucets and appliances, ceiling fans, two slide outs, lounge chairs, Island kitchen, and tons more. It’s length is equivalent to a 26’ 9” traditional 5th wheel camper, but with the double hump over the cab of the truck, It’s actually 31’ 11”.

The most exciting thing about it is the cost. Partly because I told them I didn’t need to buy the new camper, since I still loved the old one. The dealership is giving me $2,500 more then I originally paid for my camper, along with reducing the MSRP of the new camper over $10,000. Needless to say, I feel I’m getting the best deal I could possibly get.

So I guess you could say, my saving money by being a camp host and staying in the Clermont area, has ended up costing me the price of a new camper. I’ve gotta stop saving money!

Settling in. I’ve started my camp host duties and moved into my new camper. I’m overwhelmed by the upgrades that came with this new camper. It is of course another Titanium by Glendale. It’s so much more than I ever thought I’d have in life.

I feel blessed beyond belief. And as often as not, I have been once again guided by a higher source. By staying in the Central Florida area, by getting the camping host job, I have avoided another hurricane going over the keys. Hoping of course that my friends in the keys are safe.

If all goes well, I will be down in the keys by the middle of November. The end of the hurricane season, we hope.

My camp host job is going well. I work 4 hours a day for 5 days and receive my campsite free. The work is not bad, although the heat and humidity has taken a while to readjust too. The Park Rangers and staff are the best to work with. People who love their job and their state park.

I’ve almost completed organizing all my stuff in the new camper. I’ve gotten the TV, Direct TV, satellite dish and other electronics hooked up. I had to leave the dome satellite dish on the old camper so I’m using my portable dish instead.

I’ve already had company over. My friends Patrick, Jimmy and Larry stopped by as well as Debby and Eddy from work. I look forward to seeing my lunch buddies from NAWCTSD this weekend for a house warming party. And more friends from NAWCTSD came over to see the new camper on Sunday. You know when you get a bigger place, folks expect you to entertain more.

Have a fun day, until the next report…..

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