Monday, March 28, 2005

05-23 The Road Home

The Road Home
The End of the Road…. For now

Week 23 of 52
Sept 4-10

A Road Back Home… As you know from last weeks report, I’ve been heading home, to the home I love, Florida. It’s been a world wind of traveling across country to the 4 corners region.

I’ve traveled across country and back over the past 6 months. The past week being the most I’ve traveled in distance in such a short period of time. I can tell you I didn’t care for it. Traveling 300+ miles a day is exhausting. And you don’t get to experience hardly anything. I much prefer traveling between 150 and 200 miles at a time, then settling in and enjoying a new location. But at least I know I can cover a fair amount of ground if need be.

I spent some time at a private campground in Georgia and really enjoyed being able to soak up the sun around a swimming pool, swimming, floating on a raft and just enjoying the lifestyle of a beach bum. It was so country, they were harvesting corn not far from the swimming pool.

I then entered my State, Florida, and headed to High Springs, where a good friend, Sturpee and Margie live. They invited me to stay and take advantage of an RV site on their recently purchased property. I arrived to find the “RV site” had a large trash dumpster on it, the sewer line was buried, no electric and the only thing available was water. What the heck. I took them up on the offer and settled in for a couple of days.

It has been mostly overcast and the humidity, which I hadn’t experienced all summer long, was in full force. But I was in the country, surrounded by magnolia trees, big old oak trees and an assortment of pines, scrub and ferns, including lots of poison ivy. Which I haven’t a clue what it looks like.

I was able to sleep the few nights I was there, even with the high humidity, no a/c, and very little breeze. It was actually fairly cool under the canopy of big trees. Enjoying Sturpee’s world away from the city, no TV or radio to disturb this beautifully wild county in the heart of Florida. Listening to John play guitar at night… the man is so talented!

John is an exceptional Florida Artist and has created some awesome art work recently. Which will be shown and will be sold quickly in two shows coming up in October. His paintings now go for over $2,000 each and are well worth the investment.

John paints the real Florida and I have been privileged to have accompanied him on a number of kayaking trips down many of Florida’s pristine rivers and springs, having seen first hand the places John paints with such clarity.

Then onto hwy 75, through Gainesville, Ocala and onto the Florida Turnpike. (My Sunshine Pass for tolls stills works!) I arrived at Flagship Rv and after waiting for insurance adjustors and installation of my new awnings (and a $500 deductible) I now have two new awnings.

I couldn’t help but look at a new Titanium 5th wheel and get an estimate on the cost of it and trade-in for mine. Hmmmmmm will I get a new camper, or keep the old one. You’ll just have to wait and find out.

I decided to check out Lake Louisa State Park which is just south of Clermont Fl off of hwy 27. What an unusual park for Florida. It rises up and over rolling hills with large expanses of open grassy fields dotted with trees. Three lakes abut the campgrounds, with moss covered cypress trees surrounding the lakes. Alligators lurking in the dark waters and Lilly pads. An old orange grove. New Cabins.

I’ve decided to volunteer here for a short time before heading down into the Keys so I’m hoping I’ll have time to visit with all my friends in Central Florida. Call me, we’ll do lunch… I’ll be getting my campsite free of course and get a chance to see what volunteering is like.

For all my camping buddies, I would highly recommend this as a camp site for those wanting to travel to the local attractions. You know, Disney World and all the other Worlds out there and enjoy a bit of the real Florida all at the same time. Note, regular campsites with water/elec./sewer run about $23.00 a night. Sites are not heavily shaded and therefore are great for satellite TV reception.


Because I have reached my winter destination, except for a couple trips into the Keys, and a trip to Sarasota and Ft Lauderdale, which I will try and send a report from, this will be my final “regular” roving report.

I have got to tell you how much pleasure I have received from sharing my reports with you and getting responses back from all of those who took the time to write to me. I truly felt as if you were on the journey with me. Writing down my thoughts and taking pictures to share with each of you has been, in many ways, more fulfilling than the journey itself.

Finding out more about the founding of this country, the history of the Native Indians, seeing the majesty of this land first hand. Mesa Verde, The Grand Canyon, Zion, Cedar Breaks,,, what memories! New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Wyoming and all the states in between! This has been the start of an adventure I hope to be able to continue and experience for many years to come.

If your willing, I’ll include you in on my next journey. But for now, I’m going to enjoy a bit of a rest from my trip out west and re-live it through my journal and the thousands of pictures I’ve taken along the way.

May God Bless each of you and may you find a journey that brings you excitement, enrichment, laughter and someone to share it with. Thanks for being on the journey with me.

A super big hug from…..

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