Monday, February 28, 2005

05-11 part 2, Hovenweep and Durango Colorado

Southwestern Colorado
The Four Corners area
Week 11 of 52 (part 2)

Durango Co

Ok, so I’ve had some great suggestions from you’ll lately of and of course I appreciate all the great suggestions. But after traveling through some really icky looking landscape, with nothing promising down the deserted back road, I thought my buddy “John from Cape Cod” had led me astray. After many miles of harsh rocks, many blackened as if hell had burned them to a cinder, open range land, dry and parched, a half dozen young native Indians riding their horses along the lonely road, I finally arrived at Hovenweep.

The Rangers visitor center was new and inviting. Maybe there is something here. So after using my newly acquired “National Park Pass” and smirking to myself as a guy in front of me said to the ranger, “your killing me with all your fees!”, I picked up the brochures and headed back to the picnic table for a quick sub sandwich, chips and some water.

After a short walk on the smoothest concrete walkway leading to the edge of the Little Ruin Canyon and the ruins of the ancestral Pueblo Indians, I began my hike around the top of the canyon and enjoyed the more natural smooth rock formations under my feet. You know we have to call it a hike anytime we walk more than ten feet.

The towers of Hovenweep are very different, yet similar to the other Pueblo Indian sites, such as Aztec and Mesa Verde. These stone towers and buildings are for the most part on the top edge of the canyon and appear to be fortifications against enemies. There are a few in the canyon,but for the most part these magnificent towers, both square and round are on the tops of the canyon.

So I guess my buddy John gave me good info after all …. The site is very close to 4 corners. Which I’ll pass through on Tuesday. It was a great afternoon and I really enjoyed stopping off at Mickey D’s on the way home to get a chocolate shake. Yum!

Durango Colorado

My last day in the four Corners area brought me to the town of Durango. I’ve got to tell you, this is my type of town. Not too big, not too small, just right. It’s a well preserved western town that appears to be quite vibrant and active. No closed down and shuttered stores here. I walked around town and found great shops and tons of good restaurants, and lots of local activities to keep me busy. The proprietors of the shops were all very friendly. I liked their prices too! I ate at the Olde Timers Café… now don’t make any smart jokes. Gheez. Had a Grilled Cajun flavored turkey sandwich on sourdough bread, homemade potato salad and a soda. The waitress was fun to talk to, out on the back patio where I had my lunch. It’s so nice to be able to eat outdoors.

I checked out their wi-fi hot spots which they have quite a few of and also found out that there are ample campgrounds close into town including a state park. I’ll definitely come back to this area again and I plan on staying for a couple of weeks, if not a month. The town is in a valley with the Animas River flowing through it. One of the main streets in town is even named FLORIDA, making me feel right at home.

When your searching for places to go, this is one of those special places that I will feel comfortable coming back to. May even make it on my return trip… Who knows.

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