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2017-1 Shelter Cove RV Community, Saint Cloud Florida (an Update)


a few Rv lots down from my corner lot
is this view of Lake Common

Campground:  Shelter Cove Community, Saint Cloud Florida. A gated Rv community on Lake Common.  My new winter residence or when ever I'm in the Central Florida area.

It’s a Hippy Dippy lifestyle here in Florida

Welcome to the New Year and a new adventure.  In the last two articles of  the 2016 season I described Shelter Cove and a bit about the local town of Saint Cloud Florida.  This article will concentrate on the Shelter Cove Community where I've purchased an RV lot.

My Corner Rv Lot with new palms planted

Shelter Cove RV Community:  

Since those last two articles, I’ve had a bit of work done on my corner Rv Lot.  My Rv lot already came with a large concrete pad, full utilities and a 9X12 ft shed.  The only thing it was lacking were plantings in the rock bed surrounding the Rv lot.

I had 5 Roebelenii’s (pygmy palms) and one foxtail palm planted in the rock bed bordering the road.  The Roebelenii’s came in groups of three so actually I had 15 planted.  They can also come in single and double groupings.  They are native to southern China, Laos and Vietnam.  The foxtail palm is native to Queensland Australia.  Most of the world was unaware of it’s existence until 1978 when an aboriginal man brought it to a botanist.   The pygmy palms are slow growing and will reach approx. 7 feet tall.  The Foxtail palm can grow to 30 feet.  Both palms are very popular as tropical foliage.

new palm trees planted

Pygmy Palms and a Foxtail Palm
and Queen Palms in the background behind RV

I’ve also purchased two outdoor chairs and a chaise lounge all with red cushions and a red umbrella. Making for a very colorful patio arrangement.  They will all go into my storage shed when I travel around the country with my 5th wheel camper.  Leaving the RV pad available for rent.

I’ve started up a weekly shuffleboard group since the park has two shuffleboard courts.  They are a bit rough and could probably use resurfacing, but our group will make do for now.  Along with an always warm/heated swimming pool we also have a basketball court and I discovered the other day, off of one of the many hiking/golf cart trails through the woods surrounding the park, there is a golf range for practicing ones golf swings and putting skills.  It’s along a nice stretch of grassy lawn and even has a small lake for a bit of skill trying to keep those golf balls out of the water.  I must admit I’ve really enjoyed going up to the pool this winter as the day time temperatures throughout December have remained a bit on the warm side with low 80’s most days. Temperatures are normally in the low to mid 70’s this time of year.

This road is one of two undeveloped loops with some utilities in place
Roads and trails that lead to hidden adventures

two shuffleboard courts
golfing link practice area

golfing practice area, and nice walking area

I’m getting to know many of my neighbors as well.  Having grown up in Northern Michigan (a Yooper),  it’s kind of fun meeting all the people from N Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota as well as a few New England states and Canada.  One gal is already trying to teach me Finish, as I never learned to speak it while living in a predominately Finish and Swedish speaking part of the country.

Our big event this holiday season has been the weekly Christmas boat parade which we’ve enjoyed every Saturday in December.  A special evening involved the park putting on a Christmas golf cart parade which I had invited my Niece Kelly and her family, my sister Dorothy as well as a number of Shelter Cove residences to watch the parade and have a bit of party cheer from my Rv lot.  That evening we not only got to enjoy some great company but we also watched the golf cart parade and the boat parade in the same evening.  Music and dancing were held at the club house, but most of our group remained at my Rv site for the evening.

Another local event held on the third Friday of each month is the Saint Cloud “food truck night”.  Local food vendors (12 in all)  fill up one block of the downtown area for outdoor dining.  A portable stage is set up for musicians.  After eating and listening to some music, one can explore the shops downtown for that perfect gift or antique.   Dorothy and I attended the one in December.

a monthly downtown St Cloud event,
food trucks, entertainment and evening shopping

Shelter Cove is a community where the owners of the Rv Lots also own the surrounding common grounds.  This includes quite a few undeveloped Rv lots, vacant platted lots and wooded acreage surrounding the park.  We Rv lot owners also own the buildings such as the clubhouse, workout room and Laundromat, swimming pool, boat launch area, sewer and water plant.

The board of Directors recently approved the development of two Rv lots which will then be available for rent or fore sale.  With plans to develop at least two more each year.  Two of those newly developed lots will be next to mine.  A local management company oversees all of the basic money issues to ensures that the park remains healthy and viable.

building a new boathouse

an older park model removed
and new concrete pad added

an empty lot purchased and is now being
upgraded with a large concrete pad and extra utilities added

One of the exciting things I’ve noticed is the continual and gradual improvements that the lot owners are making.  I’ve only been here for two full months and within that time period I’ve seen at least 6 Rv lots improved with large concrete pads and utility hookups being upgraded.  Numerous sites with older park model units on them have either been updated or removed with the lots being improved for new residents.  Many of the owners in the park own multiple lots that they improve and then rent out or eventually sell to new owners.  Some have as many as 5 to 17 RV lots.  I purchased my lot from a Mr Wilk who has owned at least a half a dozen lots and was the board president at one time.  He is in the process of selling most of them at this point since purchasing property on the Gulf of Mexico.  Two of his lots are opposite my RV lot.

the first Shelter Cove Board Meeting that I attended
good questions and a number of action taken
during the meeting.  Very successful from my view.

Norfolk Island Pines and
bougainvillea's in bloom
I’ve seen new boat docks being built, sea walls improved, Florida rooms/screen rooms added.  All adding to the overall beauty and value of the property.  And the owners all prefer the tropical look, planting many varieties of palm trees and semi-tropical vegetation from rubber tree plants to colorful bougainvillea in shades of red and purple.  Even a number of  graceful Norfolk Island Pine which is native to Hawaii.

I like that the Shelter Cove community is not a 55 year old+ community.  Anyone can rent or own a lot here after they have gone through a background check first of course.  This has helped to reduce the number of shall we say, undesirable elements from entering the park.  There are about 5 or 6 families with children living here.  Though most of the residents are probably over 55 and many are “snowbirds”.  Coming down only during the winter months.

Needless to say, I am enjoying my stay here in Saint Cloud Florida with family and friends.  The Rv lifestyle affords me to try different areas of the country and this new location will fit in nicely any time I travel back to Florida, my second home.  (I still consider Northern Michigan my original home) and the rest of the country is my back yard that I get to explore at my own pace.  And what a life it is.  I have so much to be grateful for, especially all the great people I meet along the way and many that have become lifelong friends.

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Shelter Cove Golf area

Shelter Cove Lot 55 and community pictures

Shelter Cove Christmas Golf Cart parade and Boat Parade

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