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Tucson Arizona

Desert Trails Rv Park  (Winter campsite)

view looking out front of my campsite

I’ve made it to my winter destination at Desert Trails Rv Park.  After settling in, I’m right next to the swimming pool which is a great spot, but I have had people occasionally walking through my campsite.  Kind of startling when I’m just relaxing reading a good book and suddenly someone walk right through my campsite.  I finally put up a sign letting folks know it’s not a pass-thru but a campsite.  Most folks understand that it’s rude to walk through someone’s campsite, but until they get used to where all the pass-through walkways are located in this quirky campground, they often end up taking the shortest route back to where ever they are going.

new patio area next to the swimming pool

All the clubs are starting up and I’ve committed to doing one called  the RV Travel Club.  We’ll be covering where to go, what to see, best campgrounds and best routes to take in each state.  Should be lots of fun.  I’m helping out the photo club get going as well, but don’t plan on being the lead throughout the winter as it would be just too much for me.  I’m enjoying the Writers Club and this wonderful group of writers and all their stories.

Since I’m settled in, it’s that time of year to review what the costs have been over the past summer.  The expenses cover my campsite, fuel (diesel) and misc. expenses which involve all those unexpected expenses like a new tire, insurance, health bills etc.  It does not cover my daily living expenses such as food and entertainment.  I hope the figures will help others who are thinking about traveling as a full-timer understand the costs of traveling as a full timer .  It should also be noted that I usually stayed at least a week If not longer in most locations and only traveled on average about 150 miles between campground/destinations.  That makes a huge difference on the daily/weekly and monthly expenses.

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