Friday, August 29, 2008

23-08 On the Road Again: Colorado

Moving Time

I’ve had a wonderful time here in the mountains of Colorado, Pagosa Springs. But it’s time to move on down the road. I’ve been full-timing it now for 5 years and it seems just like yesterday that I started out on my journey to explore the country. This past week has been a time of reflection and thanksgiving that I am able to enjoy this lifestyle.

While sitting outside in the late afternoon and evening, the fireplace going, watching the last light hit the tops of the pine trees on top of the ridge. Little puffs of white seed pods floating by on a gentle breeze against the rich green of the spruce trees. Seeing the first star come out each night, I can’t help but think about the wonderful friends I have all across the country. I so look forward to seeing everyone down the road in the next year or two. But remember, I’ll be traveling to Alaska in 2009, a trip I can’t wait to start on.

I only have one project this weekend and that’s to attend the Pagosa Springs Folk Festival on top of Antenna Hill overlooking the town. It’s a three day affair, but I’ll only be attending the Saturday performances. Really looking forward to hearing some great music. Heading out on Monday.

I’ve been here in Pagosa for two months and I can feel the urge to get on the road again. My truck is in tip-top shape and the campers been cleaned and ready to go as well. I’ll be heading to Mesa Verdi and Moab Utah, two places I’ve been before, but this time I’ll be exploring areas I didn’t see the first time around. That’s the wonderful thing about being a full timer, I can revisit areas I enjoy as well as see other parts of the country. After those adventures, I’ll be heading into Arizona. I’ve been invited to a ballooning festival in Page Az and I’m going to see how that works out. Who knows, I may be flying high again in a hot air balloon. My final destination will be Tucson Az for the winter.

As always, I’d love to hear from you and what’s going on in your lives. I don’t phone people very often, but prefer to send out e-mails and receive them. That always gives me more time to enjoy the thoughts you send my way and gives me time to answer back. Besides, I usually miss calls, as I don’t always keep my cell phone connected to my hip. Lorraine, sorry I keep missing your calls. So call me if you like, but know you’ll always get an e-mail back from me.

The adventure continues….
ps: thanks Bill for some great conversations around the campfire.


Isle Royale Kid said...

I lived out in that country for a year. Mesa Verde is worth a trip west all by itself. We liked to travel north of Durango to camp in the San Juan Mts. but didn't venture into the Mts. much after Oct. for fear of getting caught in a blizzard, having 550 closed, and not be able to return to Farmington, N.M. for work. My wife and I are looking forward to a trip west(our first since 01)and want to explore some areas of N.M. that we couldn't before due to budget constraints, etc.
I envy your travels and admire your energy, curiousity to see new places, and do enjoy your posts!
Best Wishes,
Bill (on the shores of Keweenaw Bay)

Mexanese said...

Tucson is where we were living before we moved back here. There is sooo many wonderful things to see and full of culture there and south... I hope you get to see and do a bunch of great things, and in the best climate of the year!!!