Tuesday, March 11, 2008

02-08 Notes on the Upcoming Travel Season

2008 Travel Season

First off I’d like to Welcome all the newcomers to this years travels. I’ve added a number of folks to the list, so welcome aboard!

I’m getting excited about another season on the road and I hope you are too. I’ve had to raise my budget for diesel fuel to around $4.25 a gallon and hope it doesn’t go much higher than that. As of today, diesel is going for $3.75 a gallon. That should cost me about $650 for fuel each month. I’ll of course keep you posted on my expenses again this year and we’ll see how well I can do.

I’m still a member of Passport America, a half price camping club and I’ve joined Recreation USA a $10.00 a night camping club that also has a secondary set of campgrounds with a 25% off discount. I’ve dropped Happy Campers as I found I was not using it that much. It’s still a great discount club to belong to.

I’ve been having lots of hits on the Blog just in the last couple of weeks and currently have over 1600 hits since I started the counter. 600 hits just in the past couple of weeks.

I may stay in each area for longer periods of time to reduce the overall monthly costs as I go along. My first stop will be to get one of my wheels on the camper aligned, which could involve the straightening of an axle, but we hope it doesn’t come down to that. However, I understand this is a common occurrence on many travel trailers and 5th wheel campers.

Some exciting news regarding the Blog. I’ve uploaded all of my travel reports
from the very beginning. Starting in 2005, 2006 and of course all of 2007. So
for those who would like to reminisce along with me and take a journey back to
my first days on the open road, it’s all there including pictures!

I’m planning on including each campground, price and location at the beginning of each report. I saw this on someone else’s Blog and really thought it was a good idea. I’ll include a map of the journey as well.

My blog is now copyrighted, but for all of those who make copies, your still free to do so for your personal use. I’m actually honored that you would take the time and effort to copy and save my stories.

You’ll have to wait until after the first week in April to find out which direction I head out in. Well, come to think of it, I’d like to know that information myself. I can tell you I'll be heading out west eventually this year, so get ready for the journey. How we get there will be half the journey. Count down date: April 6th.

Until the journey begins, have a super great day and be kind to someone just because you know it’s the right thing to do.