Sunday, August 26, 2007

(2) Florida Keys, Marathon

Florida Keys, Marathon (part 2)

Solar update. I had a local company, SALT, come out and evaluate my Solar setup because it didn’t appear to me that the batteries were getting charged properly. Come to find out, the “Controller” which is about 10 ft away from the batteries, was getting a reduced signal from the batteries as to how well they were charging, so it reduced the charge level to the batteries. After attaching larger gauge wires from the controller to the batteries, the batteries are now getting up to a full charge. Well worth having experts review and check out the system.

The Island. On Wednesday, Rusty and Jeff, who are managing Tropical Cottages invited a couple of us out to “The Island” for an afternoon of fishing, sunning and a sunset dinner. I of course jumped at the chance, as my friend Eric had invited me many times out to the island, but things always got in the way. And since the place has a buyer and there’ll be a closing on the island soon, approx selling price 2.5 million, we took advantage of the situation and had one last hurrah from the island.

It’s a short distance from the Marathon mainland, but feels a hundred miles removed from the hustle and bustle of town. We rode over on a great skiff arriving at the islands only dock. Did I mention, it’s only big enough to snuggly fit one house on it. Surrounded by native vegetation from mangroves to palms. We entered from a covered wooden walkway to the screened in porch, filled with comfy wicker furniture with big stuffed cushions, through French doors into the main open living area. A wood beamed ceiling, with a country kitchen off to one side, pots and pans dangling from S curved wooden holders, to the main salon, with massive couches made of bamboo 8” thick.

After turning on Jimmy Buffet on the CD player, we explored the rest of the cottage, two tropical bedrooms, one with a master bathroom with a shower that jutted out the side of the building with floor to ceiling glass and views of the vegetation and bay outside, the other with white netting draped over the bed. Heaven.

A wooden walkway surrounded the green and white trimmed cottage on the coquina rock island and led down to two outdoor decks, over looking the west and our sunset view.
Shortly after arriving, others began trickling in, many like me had never experienced this island and it magical charm that hits you the minute you step onto the dock. We sun bathed out on the deck, swam in the shallow waters, fished, and talked about the best parts of life. Someone was talking about getting old, and then asked what is old these days? I said,,,,, “old is when you’re no longer having fun”. None of us were old that day on the island.

As the sun set, many saw the green flash, the talk subsided, as we listened to Buffet singing about a lifestyle many of us cherish, the red sun melted into the gulf and a breeze confirmed night had arrived. Dining on BBQ chicken, Fresh tuna and grouper, topped off with key lime pie.
We continued the evening watching the stars pop out against a black sky with clouds drifting by. The young couple just starting their life together, living on a 42ft sail boat. The Canadian couple who are into meditation and bring their own sunshine with them. Rusty and Jeff, Doug and Mary and HD all Florida Conchs.

We finally left the island later in the evening, but the magic remains.

Campers Note: Sigsbee Rv park, on the Key West Naval base is no longer open to D.o.D. civilians for camping. The base Commander made the decision a couple of weeks ago. Bummer.

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