Monday, February 28, 2005

05-12 Bonus Rpt, Kaibab Forest, N Arizona

Northern Arizona
Kaibab Forest
Week 12 of 52 (bonus)
June 19-26

After my friend Dave got off work, we went for another walk in the Kaibab Forest. Dave is volunteering at the visitors center and is learning about all the great trails in the forest. He’s also much more of a hiker than I am, so he’s been a great positive force to get me out there hiking more than I would on my own.

I found a number of great sites I could primitive camp out in the forest with my camper, so maybe next time I’ll give that a try. To be away from all civilization for at least a couple of days would be awesome.

We drove a couple miles past my campground, the Jacob Lake campground and eventually along a more rugged forest road. We stopped and got out and began our hike following the road to an overlook site skirting the edge of the plateau.

Mining was permitted many years ago in this forest and we came across a small mine that someone had staked out years ago. Probably searching for copper. The rocks in the area were all shades of blues and greens indicating copper or some other ore in the area.

The view from this site was just about as far as the eye could see. I’m estimating about 50 miles, maybe more. With a few rain showers off in the distance and some smoke from all the fires from the surrounding states adding to a hazy scene. The shafts of light through the clouds created dramatic vistas over the Northern Vermillion cliffs off in the distance.

As we hiked back to the car, we saw our shadows again, and we both got out our cameras to capture our shadows. “Be afraid, be very afraid”…..

A great way to end a day….

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